Product Certification for VFD-CP2000 and CFP2000

Delta Singapore has received the SGBC green certification for Delta VFD CP2000 and CFP 20000 Series recently.  This certification is presented by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

The SGBC is committed to the long-term viability of the built environment. SGBC is the hub for the promotion of green buildings that are healthier and more resource-efficient, as represented by a unique public-private collaboration that spans the real estate value chain.

SGBC establishes high standards and benchmarks for green building solutions both locally and regionally through its green building product and green building services labeling programs, assisting in the development of more sustainable communities for better living. SGBC actively contributes to the global green building movement as Singapore's representation on the World Green Building Council by sharing experience and information at international conferences and events.

Delta's Sensorless Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series is designed with the principle of energy saving. The CP2000's smart PID control makes it ideal for applications such as air blowers, pumps, and HVAC motors. Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) responds quickly to load torque increases and decreases, and load changing demands while enhancing motor performance. In a changing torque environment, a 3-step V/F curve response is used to properly change the input voltage and offer the best overall performance; this feature is very useful in pump and fan applications. For operation and protection under a range of load circumstances, flying starts, auto-acceleration/deceleration, brief power interruptions, auto-tuning, and other features are given. The CP2000 series is the most energy-efficient solution for most application.

Delta's CFP2000 series is an AC motor drive built specifically for HVAC, fans and pumps, and water treatment applications. It is built with an IP55 enclosure to provide great dust and particle protection as well as a high level of water resistance. Furthermore, it includes other outstanding features and built-in functions that decrease setup and tuning time in operation while enhancing efficiency.

The CFP2000 is built-in EMC filter and a DC choke. This design eliminates the requirement for an electrical distribution cabinet, freeing up space for other devices while also offering harmonic suppression and improved power quality. There are also many parameter groups offered, which allow you to just choose the required application in the parameter group configuration and the system setup is complete. If a higher level of safety is necessary, an optional main switch function can be selected. Other notable features include support for both IM and PM motors, a real-time clock, a 10k step PLC capacity, and a variety of optional expansion cards. The CFP2000 series combines all of your requirements into a single drive. It is the most user-friendly and intelligent option offered in the industry.

Delta VFD CFP2000 Series, model no. VFD022FP4EA-41, for example, has an efficiency rating of IE2 (IE = International Efficiency), which specifies the energy efficiency of a low voltage AC motor. It is the second of four efficiency levels, which is the high efficiency standard. The power output is around 4.38 kVA, and it consumes relatively little electricity.

The number of SGBC ticks varies between 2 and 4 rating. The 2 ticks is very good, 3 ticks is excellent, and 4 ticks is leader. The CP2000 series has three ticks depending on wattage/voltage and four ticks certification, but the CFP2000 series has four ticks.

Visit Delta's website to learn more about the CP2000 and CFP2000, or contact us right now! Check out the SGBC website to find out more about Delta’s SGBC green ticks rating!

News Source:Delta Singapore