Data Center Solutions

Delta InfraSuite
Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

We support our customers in building customized, reliable, flexible, manageable, and energy-efficient data centers with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) lower than 1.5. Delta’s InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions products include: power systems, racks & accessories, precision cooling, and environment management systems.

Our InfraSuite Solutions are chosen by companies around the world and are implemented in: Computer services, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing and semiconductor industries.

InfraSuite advantages
Modular design for quick and easy assembly
Scalability to match data center with enterprise growth
Optimized installation and operation costs
High efficiency, energy-saving power components for eco-friendly data rooms
Easy integration with all data room structures
A complete environmental management system for worry-free operations

Delta InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions with its integrated design and scalable system architecture supports customers in building an optimal data center with fully-integrated infrastructure solutions. We offer the following solutions: